Metal / Street Punk / NY / USA
Milkboy Philly , Philadelphia, PA, US
w/Dysrhythmia and Horrendous with Zevious at Milkboy Philly (October 17, 2020)
SongKick Info
<a href="http://www.amazon.com/Test-Submission-Dysrhythmia/dp/B008LAO5LQ">Pre-order the album from Amazon</a> Progressive rock, heavy metal, indie-rock, avant-jazz and ambient mesmerism are combined with some really messed-up (dys-)rhythmic and disharmonious structures through the high-energy music of Philadelphia-based trio, Dysrhythmia. Formed in August 1998, Dysrhythmia represents the vision of founding member guitarist Kevin Hufnagel and original bassist Clayton Ingerson. The line-up was solidified six months later with the addition of drummer Jeff Eber. The goal of the band from the very beginning has been to write music that is strictly instrumental, yet high in both emotional and cerebral impact. The band wasted no time writing what was to be their first self-released CD 'Contradiction' in early 2000. Like all of Dysrhythmia's recordings, this album was done completely live in the studio with very few overdubs. In 2001 came the 'No Interference' record, viewed by the band and many others as a large advancement over 'Contradiction' in every aspect; from the writing, to the playing, to the production. Realizing their music is best experienced live, they purchased a used van for $1,000 and set out booking their own tours throughout the East Coast, Midwest, and South. In 2002 came two more releases in the form of a split 10" with XthoughtstreamsX and a split 7" with Philadelphia noise-rockers Technician.